jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Why am I here?

Sometimes I ask to myself, Why am i still living?  If i cant make all my dreams come true, what's the point?
I was suppousted to be happy. If its not like that, why am i here? When I will start to live? cuz what i am living now is a nightmare and i just wanna get up.
I wanna get up in the middle of the night, see your cute face while you are sleeping, and just wake up not doing loud noises. caring about you. Caring about your good sleep.
But you dont care about me and now you got here, the perfect woman. Lot of people support you throw this but i cant, i cant support you while a teardrop is falling from my eye its not a happy one. Its just pain what im feeling right now
and sometimes i just think i lost you and sometimes when i see you loving her, i feel how my heart is getting more and more pain. I wish I could just forgfet you but my heart doesnt want to do it, cuz he is happy just watching a picture of you 
Babe you are my health but at the same time you are the poison that is killing me this slowly.
I think i lost you...But how can i lost you, if i never had you? 

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