jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Should I give up?

Some people cant dream, so they broke your own world that one where you can see colours, butterflies flying around you, happiness everywhere you walk to.
maybe its not the people, maybe its their best friend...the reality, better called "the life" 
there are times where i just think "what the fuck is life? " im supusted to be happy, to have love, to see everything in pink
I really cant undersand, i have a mission and im hating myself...i will win this fuckin battle like this? hating myself all the days just because i dont have another life?
If god is precious, if he loves me, why i get hurt? why he gives me dreams?....maybe there is a chance? 
im one in a lot of millions and f the heaven is the paradise, why am i here?
I have a mission and it seems that my mission would be see him with someone else.
I know im not perfect, im not beauty, im young, im not rich and maybe he doesnt know me....-yet- YOU SEE?! why i had to put that Fucking yet?!
but i know im good enough! i know i can make him happy
i know i can love him like there wouldnt be a tomorrow
thats what i do. i build a paradise on my head while i wait, even its painful when the life punchs me everyday...
I know that maybe there is no a tomorrow, so i keep dreaming, cuz if theres no a tomorrow...there is no other way i could see it happen.

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