martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Twitlonger #2

Do You know how much it hurts? Do you know how much i dream about it? Im talking about 'One Direction' That boyband have changed my life. And im very grateful for that...Im happy now, but you know what? Im sad and happy at the same time...In a couple of years, 1D will be in the top of the world...Now they are growing up.. But, everytime they are being more and more unreachable, it was the same with Justin, I met him when he wasnt very famous and now?...He is in the heaven, i will never meet Justin or 1D and it hurts very much. Im from South America, and now 1D is going to Mexico.. Im so jealous! congrats gurls :) I wish i could go there, but i'll have to wait..Just time~ But.. What about my dreams? I mean they are 5 boys and I imagine ALL the nights, before go to sleep, about how it would be, just..met them. I mean, Danielle or Eleanor THEY ARE SO LUCKY!! but think about this: "In a couple of years, Niall will have his girlfriend, Harry, And Zayn too. And in a couple of years more...they will be married. and we? his fans? what about me? what about all the directioners of the world...they will forget us? I mean. it hurts know that im just a fan for them, [They dont even know that im exist!] and all the days i smile and say "YEAH I WILL MEET 1D GUYS SOMEDAY!" .. But what if i dont? .

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