martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Twitlonger #1

Hi people! How are u? :) well I will...try to say what is bothering me, what is worriying me..

Well.. march 5th. I go back to the school..
I don't hate the girls, i don't have enemies or something like that, im very pacific for say something.. The only thing that it HURTS me, is that...I feel so, LONELY.. yeh, thats right, just the word I was searching.. I mean, Why the popular girls are more important than me? we are all equal! but in the breaks when you see all the boys, the girls, are with they..Is a little bit annoying because i feel like "I did something wrong?" "Why they hate me?!" But no.. they dont hate me...they even know that im live, they dont have idea about me.. I have just 2 REAL friends that i love very very much, but even like that.. they arent my BFF, (I have just one..called Ari and believe me, she's amazing, she is the best person you could even know!!) but she isnt with me..She live in the city and i dont.. that hurts me a lot too! Because i don't have any support! i mean, the 2 friends i have, they are my friends, but.. they dont are like me... They dont have PASSION.. or just how can i say that with 3 words? THEY-DONT-DREAM! when i say "Someday i will meet Justin Bieber" they are looking at me like... "Ok, you are crazy" and no! im not!! I DREAM, i will FIGHT! .. but then, when im in home I turn on my computer and there it is.. my Loved Tumblr, twitter, where ALL the people accept me for WHO I AM :') Where im JUST ME! with FREEDOM! Where i can DREAM!! THIS is my place. THIS is my people u understand what im saying?! well, that's just 1 problem, but i have 2..How i said before, "the popular girls"... We are just.. mates, We arent enemies but we arent friends neither...We are just one more person to the each one. Well the problem is that i feel SO bad with myself than they.. I try to keep smiling but... What the fuck i win? if i smile nobody cares, nobody sees me! nobody knows that im alive! IM NOBODY. i feel like FOREVER ALONE and I have just 2 supporter friends, but with they i cant talk about my future, about my dreams, they are expecting that i say: "Oh hm.. I want be lawyer! / dr! and live in a house close from the city you know...?" NO BABE, I WANT BE A BIG PERSON! I WANT MAKE MY DREAMS TRUE! I WANT GO AWAY FROM THIS COUNTRY! But.. tell me, WHAT CAN I TALK ABOUT WITH YOU? IF YOU CANT UNDERSTAND ME. - Thats all (: thanks again twitlongers ♥

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