domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

You're just a memory

Isnt it funny, when maybe your BOYFRIEND or your BEST FRIENDS EVER, that ones who you tell them everything and you know they will be there till the end...Cuz they swore it to u.
The problem comes when THOSE SAME PERSONS...talks to you when they need something, it can be just a suggestion, it doesnt matter...But they NEED it, so obviously, you give them what he wants.
BUUUUUUUUT; everything changes when YOU need that help, and they arent there, and you talk to them and it seems
to doesnt mind for them, when you was there ALWAYS they wanted.
Its painful, cuz they are suppousted to be your best friend and to be there always you need it..And you know the worst part?
Its the moment you realise, that you will be there no matter what, cuz you swore it to them when they swore it to you, with
the little difference that you keep your promise and you will do it after all...But they dont
So; WHAT THE FUCK IM SUPPOUSTED TO DO!? i love them cuz they are were my best friends, but it hurts me to be THIS ignored
im that poor? :/ I believed them ....should I leave them in the past and start all over, or keep fighting for them? it doesnt have scence 
but i care so much about them :(

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