lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

It's over

Well, i decided to TRY, and see what happened. so, I told him "Hei i miss you, we were huge friends! what happened?" he didnt answer, i was barely done so I told him. " -.- ", again he didnt answer, [and now, on facebook you can see that theres a kinda of advice to tell you if the other saw your message or no.] That fucking advice were there, so i told him "Hey I can see the fucking advice, if you will ignore me just tell me why the fuck are you being bad with me"  he didnt answer. "alright." I said and i closed the computer, then i opened again and he answered me so i was like 'YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!' but then i saw that he was being so bitch with me, he just said: "No, im not angry with you, you know that if i would be, I wouldnt answer you." i tried to be nice, and i told him "well, you are making me think that! and i dont want to be bad with you just because you are my best friend and i dont want to lose you" He just said. "Me too girl" so, i told him "I cant believe you if you dont prove it to me. You never talk to me im always the idiot talking to you without answer" and again the fucking advice. "You know what? forget it, make sure i never told you anything." and that is the happy end i have with him. Im done he will not play with me anymore.
So, somewhere over the raimbow im happy for what I did. even he was my best friend and i had some kinda of feelings to him...That doesnt mean he is going to play with me, if he want to talk again, im here but anything will be like before. -maybe my akljwllñasktpoaidsugsd everytime he talks to me- i hope not 

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