domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

I dont know what the fuck is he waiting for.
Does he want me to get angry? because im REALLY upset with this, he ignore me like 'OH YOU ARE SHIT FOR ME, KEEP TALKING I DONT CARE' gowwwwwwwd, Im really done, i dont know what the f*ck to tell him cuz im trying to be his friend since March! AND WE ARE IN FUCKING JULY, HAVE PASSED 4 FUCKING MONTHS! HOW MUCH TIME DOES HE NEED!? -.- im really done, if he ignores me, im going to ignore him too...Lets see if he likes it.

BUT THE FUCKING PROBLEM IS THAT I CANT IGNORE HIM! aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! im so upset with myself, and with him and what the fucking world.


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