jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

you are from argentina so, what do you think about the falkland islands? i saw that question on a tumblr. It is obviously that for you, they are Argentinians but tell me WHY. thanks and amazing blog
Hi, thanks for that! well, When Argentina became independent from Spain, inherited the Falkland Islands, [for me, Islas Malvinas Argentinas] In 1832 a U.S ship, attacked the Islands destroying everything. One year later, in 1833 a naval vessel decide to invade the Islands, and expel all the argentinians that were living there, since that moment the British army have taken the territory in an illegal way stealing it from argentina. They dont recognise the sovereignty from argentina and neither that the islands are attached at the continental shelf it is South American territory. By the way, nobody can decide the sovereignty of something just because who killed more people. It is something idiot, and i hope it will not happen again. [sorry if you cant understand me very well, but im 13yrs and im from argentina how you see, im not very good in english…I must be like tarzan so…sorry for that and good luck! :)]

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